Your guide to bin collections and recycling in Bolton over Christmas

Councillors Elaine Sherrington and Nick Peel show which items can be recycled this Christmas

Councillors Elaine Sherrington and Nick Peel show which items can be recycled this Christmas

8:39am Thursday 19th December 2013 in News

WRAPPING paper, turkey bones and other Christmas waste must be recycled, according to council chiefs.

And if people cannot fit their waste into their household bins, they are being told to take it to a recycling centre.

Waste food and foliage should be put into the green bin or the food waste container.

Paper, card and cartons should be put into the beige bin while empty bottles and jars can be disposed of in the burgundy bin.

Recycling rates in Bolton rose seven per cent in seven months, after the council made the controversial switch to fortnightly black bin collections.

The percentage of household waste sent for re-use, recycling or composting has risen from 31 to 38 per cent from April 1 this year until October 31.

Council bosses say the result is due to an increase in the tonnage of recycling, and a fall in the amount of residual waste collected, with the authority collecting 6,593 tonnes less of black bin waste than the same period of time in 2012.

For each tonne of general waste disposed of, the council is charge £270.

The council’s cabinet member for waste and recycling Cllr Elaine Sherrington said: “We’d like to thank everyone for working to make the new service a success.

“People have already accepted the new system and are starting to change their behaviour and think about how they dispose of their waste.

“If you do have any excess waste which can’t be recycled and won’t fit in your grey bin, you can take it to any of the Household Recycling Centres around the borough.”


Bin collections will take place as normal except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

  • Monday, December 23 – No change.
  • Tuesday, December 24 – No change.
  • Wednesday, December 25, will be emptied Saturday, December 28; Thursday, December 26, will be emptied Sunday, December 29.
  • Friday, December 27 – No change.
  • Monday, December 30 – No change.
  • Tuesday, December 31 – No change.
  • Wednesday, January 1, will be emptied Saturday, January 4.
  • Thursday, January 2 – No change.
  • Friday, January 3 – No change.

For more information about bins and recycling visit Bolton Council's website. For bin collection dates information go here.

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10:02am Thu 19 Dec 13 cosmicma says…

so how many tonnes of waste did they collect for the same period last year ?? putting up a figure with no amount to compare it to is a waste of time 6,593 tonnes less compared to what ? this figure could be the effect of fortnightly bin collections where less waste is being collected due to halving the collection rate recycling has risen by 7% does that mean the 6,593 tonnes less black bin waste is 7% less of the total in the same period last year ? i don't believe people are producing less waste so where as it gone ? it would be nice to see how much fly tipping has risen in the same period and by how many tonnes it would give a better understanding of whats going on

  • Score: 11

1:10pm Thu 19 Dec 13 cliff4treasurer says…

Don't be silly, this is the BN and Bolton council we are talking about here! The full story? no chance.

  • Score: 5

7:23pm Thu 19 Dec 13 Hollieanne says…

And if I have to take stuff to the recycling centre are the council either going to provide me with a hire car so I can drive it there or a note for the bus driver so I can take it on the bus, and my bus fare of course?

  • Score: 5

9:42pm Thu 19 Dec 13 bungie44 says…

Well in the Shepardcross Street area we have had about twenty council workers today clearing all the back streets of rubbish that have been dumped and black rubbish bags left by the bin men who aren't allowed to pick them up because of health and safety rules (unless it`s done when paid extra and then heath and safety don`t seem to matter). But what I would like to know is all this rubbish counted separately.

  • Score: 3

9:53pm Sat 28 Dec 13 ormy1977 says…

Absolute cheek the council, they changed to fortnightly collections but no reduction in my council tax, I have at least 20 black bin bags in my back yard full of rotting food, at least the rats are happy!

  • Score: 1
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